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PGiConnect® Audio Integration

PGiConnect® Audio Integration enables a high-quality audio experience on the Microsoft Teams platform with Outlook scheduling and plug-in capabilities for Windows, Mac and browser access. Explore our resources for setup guides and troubleshooting help.

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Get Started with PGiConnect® Audio Integration
Install PGiConnect® on Windows
Install PGiConnect® on Mac and Outlook Web App

PGiConnect® Audio Integration – Top tips

To ensure the PGiConnect® Audio Integration works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to always remember to schedule your meeting through Outlook. Refer to our user guide for everything you need to know when it comes to scheduling a meeting and sending invitations.

To use PGiConnect® audio in your Microsoft Teams meeting, dial-in to your meeting and select ‘Don’t use audio’ when prompted. This will ensure PGiConnect®’s reliable audio, even if you have slow WI-FI or are away from your computer for whatever reason!

When you’re in your Microsoft Teams meeting, anyone within your organisation will be automatically admitted into the meeting room. Although, people from outside your organisation will need to be admitted into the meeting room. You’ll get a notification when people are waiting, simply click ‘Admit’ and voila, they’re in. This can be actioned by you or anyone else from your organisation.

Remember that all you need to do to join via mobile is tap the relevant dial-in number in your meeting invitation. This will connect you to the meeting without ever having to enter a passcode, winning!

When using PGiConnect® audio you have access to in-conference controls. A handy one to remember is to press *6 to mute your mic, pressing *6 again will unmute your mic.