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PGiConnect® Roadmap

Tags used to categorise product updates:
Administrator experience

Outlines updates that improve the experience of any administrator, to make life even easier when you’re deploying PGiConnect® Audio Integration.

User interface

Looks at updates that improve the user interface of PGiConnect® Audio Integration, making the product even more intuitive for you to use.

Feature update

Does what it says on the tin – details about updates to current or new features as we constantly seek to improve our products.

PGiConnect® Audio Integration
PGiConnect® Audio Integration

We launched the PGiConnect® Audio Integration, providing seamlessly integrated dependable audio for your Microsoft Teams meetings, boasting a 99.99% up-time.

Global Toll / Toll Free dial-in numbers

Wherever you are in the world you can dial in to your Microsoft Teams meeting using PGi’s audio.

Personalised invites

Control and customise your meeting invites. Choose priority dial-in numbers, customise logos and text, maintaining brand cohesion and consistency.

Single MSI file for easy deployment

A single download file, covering both 32bit and 64bit version of Outlook and providing support for Outlook 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Near term
Simplified security

Simplifying the permissions required to deploy PGiConnect® Audio Integration, including the removal of the need for mail access.

Independent audio

This update means that even if the Microsoft Teams audio fails, PGi audio will not be impacted. Introducing independent but still integrated audio to survive conference failures.

New mobile experience

Soon you’ll be able to schedule your Microsoft Teams meetings with PGiConnect® Audio Integrationusing Outlook on your mobile. Fantastic for hybrid working.

A new Web Control for easier rollout

This Web Control will apply to MAC, Outlook Web Access and Mobile client support, resulting in a simplified rollout process for the administrator.

Improved Outlook Web Access experience

When scheduling a meeting using Outlook Web Access and PGiConnect® Audio Integration, the information to join a Microsoft Teams meeting will be automatically included, providing a more seamless scheduling experience. This will mirror the experience already available in the Outlook Desktop App.

Future developments
New PGiConnect® auto provisioning tool

Easily keep your PGiConnect® and Active Directory accounts in sync. Just another way we’re planning on creating a more seamless experience.

New PGiConnect® Hub experience

Configure your own invite numbers for our PGiConnect® Audio Integration. For a more customised experience.

*0 operator support

This feature allows audio participants using the PGiConnect® Audio Integration in their Microsoft Teams meeting to press *0 and receive direct operator support. Always there to offer a helping hand!

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